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The Lush RDA by Wotofo

The latest from Wotofo is an amazing atomizer that combines the best of all standard RDA innovations: large accommodating post holes, quad-post for larger builds, turbulent airflow control, deep juice well, and a versatile split positive build deck. A premier feature is the cyclonic adjustable airflow, angle drilled with six 2mm air slots on each side and able to throttle vertically or horizontally, creating a customized airflow system specifically designed to increase cloud swirls with the best flavor. The juice well is 10mm deep and has plenty of space to easily build, wick, and hold enough juice to vape more and drip less. The included chuff top cap provides a sleek and elegant look, specifically designed for absolute heat dissipation and reduction catered to the most demanding vapor chasing consumers. It is also built for integration with various top cap options, furthering its versatility and user experience platform. Constructed from superior stainless steel with silver-plated 510 copper connection, it is a workhorse atomizer ensured to fit on most mods with top-level conductivity. Integrating new features to greatly enhance the vaping experience while improving upon form factor, the Lush RDA is positioned to be an all-purpose rebuildable system in today's market!

Product Features:

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 10mm Juice Well
  • Angular Drilled Airflow Control
  • Vertical or Horizontal Airflow Throttle
  • Six 2mm Airslots Each Side
  • Dual Screw Positive Posts
  • Deckmilled Negative Posts
  • High Temp PEEK Insulators
  • Black Competition Chuff Cap
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • CNC Engraved Lush Logo
  • Silver-Plated Copper 510 Contact Pin

Package Contents:

  • 1 - Lush RDA by Wotofo
  • 1 - Parts Kit