Setting up a Wholesale Account with Global Vapors is easy. Once finished you will have access to everything we have to offer!

To order from Global Vapors:

1. Please create an account with us by selecting a Username and Password.

2. Within 24 hours prices should become available to you. Please contact us in the event that this does not occur and we will promptly resolve the issue.

3. All new applicants are required to provide us with the following information :

  • Copy of Business license
  • Resellers permit (EIN)
  • Business name
  • Contact name
  • Contact number
  • Shipping address

Please send all messages or documents related to opening an account to sales@globalvapors.com

4. Once our staff member has verified your account and you have received a notification you may proceed to place orders with us.

5. Whenever you place an order you will receive a confirmation email for your order.

6. Confirmation emails are sent out upon the completion of your order