Vapetasia 100ml E-Liquid

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KILLER KUSTARD - Killer Kustard is globally known for its unmatched vanilla custard flavor. Fair warning, this one is hard to put down!

KILLER KUSTARD BLUEBERRY - Enjoy a pinch of ripe blueberry sweetness, complemented by rich vanilla custard.

KILLER KUSTARD STRAWBERRY - Perfect blend of juicy strawberries and rich vanilla custard.

KILLER KUSTARD LEMON - Killer Kustard flavor finished with a delightful hint of crisp tangy lemon.

KILLER KUSTARD HONEYDEW - Killer Kustard ending with a light and luscious honeydew finish.

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS - A relaxing tropical trip with a big ripe juicy pineapple taste cruising with creaminess!

RAINBOW ROAD - A fruity fruit cereal that has been steeping in milk, but not long enough to get all soggy. The inhale will be a fruity cereal delight. The exhale will be a milky cream dream.

MILK OF THE POPPY - Milk Of The Poppy is a smooth mixture of strawberries and dragon fruit covered in sweet cream. 

ROYALTY TWO - Hints of rich custard, sweet hazelnuts, and creamy vanilla forged boldly with a mild tobacco flavor.