The Colorado 52.8mm RDA by Vapergate

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The Colorado 52.80mm RDA is modeled after Denver, Colorado, the Mile high city (5280 feet above sea level). It comes with both soft matte black finish and polished stainless steel top caps. Each unit is serialized with the custom Vapergate logo on the bottom. The Colorado 52.80mm is also a configurable squonk RDA! Designed with a fully adjustable center cluster of 8 pins (4 positive & 4 negative) that screw in through the center of the post. This lets you modifying and configure your deck whichever way you see fit.


  • 52.80mm Diameter
  • Sixteen-Post, Dual Terminals Per Post Design
  • Serialized Engravings
  • Squonk-Ready BF 510 Contact Pin


PLEASE NOTE: These RDA's are no longer in production, and they are no longer packaged in the wooden gift boxes. They now come in the cardboard tubes that you see in the pictures.