Terp Planet - Terp Dumpster

Terp Planet
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Terp Planet - Terp Dumpster

The Terp Dumpster can be used in many ways. Use it for storage. Use it for small trash items in your sesh area, such as q-tips/swabs. Use it as a coin bank! How ever you use it, the Terp Planet Terp Dumpster is a sleek addition to any area. It comes pre-assembled with a split-top dumpster lid, ready to use. The Terp Planet Logo on the front of the dumpter is a perfect touch. Let Terp Planet increase the vibe of your sesh area! 

Available in multiple colors, they are sure to catch some eyes!


  • 3D Printed Design
  • Pre-Assembled
  • Perfect Addition To Any Sesh Area


  • 1 x Terp Planet - Terp Dumpster


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