Solace Salts E-Liquids - 30ml

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Strawberry - Sweet and fresh California strawberries packed into an e-juice.

Mint - Crisp Mint with a soothing aftertaste.

Lemonade - Crisp and refreshing lemonade with a hint of strawberry and kiwi.

Mango - Mango is a sweet and rich mango flavor that is perfect for anyone who enjoys fruit filled e-liquids.

Dragon Fruit Menthol - A minty flavor designed to replicate and appease the appetite of the every day menthol lovers.

Peach - Sweet and Refreshing Peach.

Creamy Tobacco - An Ideal tobacco flavored choice for people trying to quit smoking or curb their traditional cigarette intake.

Vanilla Bean - Sweet Vanilla Bean with a Creamy aftertaste.

Butterscotch - Rich butterscotch with a creamy aftertaste.

Latte - Latte is just like your morning cup of coffee with a blend of sweetness and cream.

Bold Tobacco - A true tobacco that retains all of the flavor and power that you would expect from a conventional tobacco flavor.

Peppermint Patty - A high quality mint fusion of conventional evergreen leaves with a rich, but light mint chocolate after bite.