LED Chill Station

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LED Chill Station

The LED Chill Station is an incredible 3D Printed station that was designed to display your rig on top of LED lights that you can control with remote. For the 1oz jar, simply add 91% or above Isopropyl Alcohol, then use the included 3D Printed 1oz Pearl Basket to dunk away at your dirty gear. There are many pockets, holes, and spots for you to tuck everything in this station, or just use it for your videos for that LED flare! This station includes The LED Light and Remote, a Silicone Barrel, A 1oz Jar with Terp Basket, and a 5ml Silicone Puck.

Available in multiple colors, they are sure to catch some eyes in your store!

***NOTE: Do NOT put hot items into the Pearl Basket or onto the plastic parts of the station! Hot pieces should only touch the silicone areas! They will melt!

***Accessories NOT Included! Comes with 1 LED Light & Remote (Batteries not included), 1 5ml Silicone Puck (pre-installed), 1 Silicone Barrel (pre-installed), and a 1oz Glass Jar with a 3D Printed Pearl Basket.


  • 3D Printed Design
  • Multiple Colors
  • Lots of Storage Options
  • Includes 1oz Jar with Pearl Basket
  • LED System with Remote
  • Great for videos


  • 1 x LED Chill Station
  • 1 x Silicone Barrels (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x 1oz Jar with Pearl Basket
  • 1 x 5ml Silicone Puck (Pre-Installed)

***Global Vapors is an authorized seller of 3DPrintFarming designs.