Kwit Stick Starter Pack (Includes 4 Kwit Pods)

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The KWIT Stick device is an all new stick style cigalike device manufactured by Aspire. Utilizing Salt Nicotine in Pre-Filled (and refillable) pods, the KWIT Stick maintains an ultra portable and discrete form factor, allowing for easy vaping on-the-go. The KWIT Stick maintains a 230mAh battery capacity, allowing for up to 100 puffs before requiring a short 20 minute charge via the onboard Micro USB Port. The front facing LED notifier easily relays battery level when firing with a simple draw on the device. The KWIT Stick was designed with travel in mind, sporting its specialized high altitude anti-leak technology to maintain reliability while on-the-go, and offering multiple refills per cartridge (after the initial pre-filled juice is depleted) without sacrificing flavor. The KWIT Stick offers a brand new and reliable rendition of the cigalike device, offering the same portability as the JUUL, though with the added convenience of refillable pod cartridges.


  • Wild Watermelon
    • Freshly Picked Watermelon
  • Sweet Tobacco
    • Wonderful, Sweet Tobacco
  • Mountain Mint
    • Crisp Evergreen Mint
  • Mango Tango
    • Delicious Tropical Mango