Hi Drip Iced Salts - 30ml

Hi Drip
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Mango Peach Iced: Island mangoes and southern peaches combine with icy menthol in this delicious e-juice to create a chilled and refreshing e-juice experience. This flavor is light, fruity, and chilled. 

Blood Orange Pineapple Iced: Fresh blood oranges and exotic pineapples complimented by an icy blast of menthol deliver a sweet, tart and minty e-juice experience. This flavor has a tart, fruity, and chilled taste.

Honeydew Strawberry Iced: Juicy honeydew melons blended with fresh strawberries and icy menthol deliver a refreshing and fruity e-juice experience. This flavor is sweet, light, and minty.


Water Melons Iced: This flavor is a blend of various watermelon flavors, including fresh watermelon fruit, watermelon chewy candy, and watermelon hard candy blended with icy menthol. Water Melons Iced by Hi-Drip tastes chilled, fruity, and sweet.

  • VG/PG: 50/50
  • Nicotine Level: 20MG, 50MG
  • Bottle Size: 2x15ML