Hades Mod by Infinite

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The Hades Mod by Infinite

The Infinite Hades clone is a beast of a mechanical mod! Coming in two polished finishes and with the ability to take a 26650 battery, this mod is stylish and will last you all day. This is a mechanical mod, so there is no internal circuitry or protection inside. It's recommended that these mods be used with an IMR type battery.

Product Features:

  • Stainless Steel body
  • Easy Locking Mechanism
  • Floating Positive Pin
  • Silver Plated Positive and Negative Connections
  • Laser-Etched Individualized Serial Number
  • 2-way Adjustable Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Spring Switch firing button
  • Heat Sink Body
  • Solid Construction
  • Mechanical
  • 6 Vent Holes

Package Contents:

  • 1 - Hades Mod by Infinite