Cannipak Premium Mylar Bags - 50pk

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Cannipak Premium Mylar Bags - 50pk

Size : 3.82″ x 5.0”

  • {PREMIUM QUALITY VALUE PACK} Package includes 50 individual resealable smell proof bags that are made with premium quality material.
  • {MULTIPUPOSE USE RESEALABLE BAGS} This smell proof Mylar bags keeps content fresher for longer periods of time and is perfect for storing Coffee, Herbs, Gummies, Candy, Cookies, Beans, Snacks, Dried fruit, Nuts, Tea, Flower and much more.
  • {DIMENSIONS} 5.0 x 3.82 Inches. (3.5-7 Gram capacity) and it is the perfect size for a pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • {UNIQUE DOUBLE SIDED DESIGNE} Our team of talented designers created this exotic looking bags with colorful design on the front and backside, with no text or words on it. So you can use your own stickers or labels on them.
  • {RESALABLE} Quality sealing strip can be reused many times to ensure longer freshness of bags content.

 Why Choose Cannipak Mylar Bags?

Cannipak Mylar bags are amazing for long term food storage and are a great complement to heat sealing. But why? Mylar bag films offer an extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rate due to its thick foil laminate layer. Providing three layers of protection from moisture, light, and odor. Mylar is extremely flexible and thin, while also being very strong, durable, and easy to use.

  • Double Sided Printed Design & Matte Colors - Cannipak is committed to providing unique designs. Using high-quality material, durable structure, and photo-quality print technology ensures our pouch has a premium look and feel, matched with best performance.
  • Stand Up Pouch - Stand Up Pouches are one of the go-to packaging types. It has great shelf display ability and they are extremely easy to pack.
  • Heat Sealable - If you need to ensure that no smell or content leaks, you’ll be glad to hear that Cannipak bags can be sealed with an impulse sealer.