Bolt Paper Co King Slim Size (No Tip) - Case of 25

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[Box of 24 Booklets] Crafted from 100% organic wood pulp sustainably sourced from Czech plantations, Bolt's unbleached papers boast of quality and offer a slow, even burn. Free of animal-derived products, genetically modified organisms, or added flavor, Bolt Unbleached Papers are certified chemical-free and vegan. Their certified vegan rolling papers are lined with a thin strip of natural Arabic gum which is a sap-like, plant-derived fiber. For an intensely rich smoking experience, Bolt papers are watermarked with our signature, hexagon pattern ensuring that slow, even burn we rave about. This also protects against counterfeiting.


This is the NON TIP version!


Includes 1 display case of Bolt Paper Co King Slim Size - Case of 25.