Welcome back to the Big City!

In a previous article, we spoke about Big City E-Liquids. We introduced you to Miami and Chicago, but today we are going to touch on Los Angeles and New York. These E-Juices will take you away, right to the streets of New York City and Downtown LA. Maintaining their goal to capture the essence of each of these famous cities, Big City E-Liquid delivers a unique treat of exciting flavors.

Los Angeles E-Liquid will thrill you with its candied melon flavor. This sweet ejuice has enough flavor to excite but not so much that you can't use it as your all day vape. Big City E Liquids focuses on providing high quality and fantastic tasting E Juice, and Los Angeles give all of this and more. Light and flavorful, Los Angeles will have you coming back for more, it's just enough and is perfectly balanced.

New York Ice E-Liquid has your favorite flavor of snow-cone, in Berry of course, with an invigorating fresh minty rush at the end. This sweet and ICE flavor is delightful, and the combination of the two make a desirable partnership. The kicker here is how the mint makes this juice go above and beyond any other on the market. Some of the best dessert combinations have sweet with mint, and this juice is no exception. It's heavenly and will quickly become one of your favorites.

Big City Eliquids will come to you in an attractive box with a 60ML unicorn bottle. The bottle itself is black, and the label is white with some colors depending on the flavor you've chosen. The box itself has a picture silhouette of the city it represents. New York Ice is orange, Los Angeles is blue, Chicago is red, and Miami is yellow. The presentation is mature, beautiful, and simple no details were overlooked when designing and creating this line of e-juice.