What’s In A Vape Starter Kit

Let’s begin by stating that a vape starter kit is in no way reserved for beginners. Kits simply provide an easy way to get started with a new vaping device. In fact, there are vape starter kits for every level of e-cigarette and vape mode on the market. These starter kits generally contain the basic components (other than your e-liquid) necessary to try that particular vaping device model. Most pieces provided are optimized to ensure the simplest and most efficient setup for someone who may not be as experienced in vaping or familiar with that particular device.

But Which Vape Starter Kit Is Right For you?

There are a lot of vape starter kits available, but most can be placed into three basic categories. If you’re transitioning from traditional smoking to vaping, an electronic cigarette starter kit will be the best choice. A portable vape pen is perfect if you’ve used an e-cig for a while and are ready for a bit more customization. And if you’re wanting to dive into the more technical side of vaping, a more complex box mod may be a good fit.

Let’s walk through the general types of vape starter kits available and what’s included in each. You’ll then have a better idea of which vape device or mod is right for you, your needs and your skill level.

E-Cigarette Or Pod Mod Starter Kits

If you’re switching to vaping for the first time, an e-cigarette starter kit is probably what you want to begin with. They’re designed to help transition traditional smokers into the world of vaping.

An e-cigarette or pod mod starter kit will often include at least the e-cigarette (the "cig-a-like" or other vaping device itself), a battery and a charger. Some kits may also include a few e-liquid cartridges or “pods”. The pods are usually disposable.

Vape Pen Starter Kits

Been using an e-cigarette/cig-a-like for a while and looking to try something new? A step up from common e-cigarette vape starter kits is the portable vape pen, also known as a personal vaporizer. While "vape pen" and "e-cigarette" may sometimes be used interchangeably, here we're talking about vaping devices that look more like a large pen or marker than a cigarette and generally use a refillable tank rather than a disposable pod of e-liquid. From this point on, devices are more customizable and kits will showcase different options.

These are the most popular type of vaporizer and kits will typically include a vape pen, such as a clearomizer, a compatible battery and a charger. Some may include a single coil while some may include a dual coil. Vape pens come in almost any color you can think of. And if you’re looking to upgrade and customize, variable voltage and wattage are often available. These allow the user to adjust the temperature to exactly what each vape juice calls for.

Box Mod Vape Starter Kit

For a truly advanced (or ambitious) vaper, a box mod vape starter kit offers the ultimate in customizability. These vape starter kits are for those who are pretty experienced with vaping, but don’t quite understand the complexities of tinkering with devices.

Each mod vape starter kit still includes all or most of the essentials (other than e-liquid) to get started, while leaving you the flexibility to customize. These tend to include the box mod itself (although sometimes the batteries are sold separately), a tank and a charger. More premium vape starter kits might also include throw-ins like an extra atomizer, sub-ohm coils or other spare parts. But in general, mod vape starter kits tend to encourage users to add and subtract parts based on their wants and needs.

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