Vape Starter Kit Buying Guide

Vape Starter Kit Buying Guide

Whether you’re transitioning from traditional cigarettes or simply want to try out a new vaping device, there’s a vape starter kit available for every level. This guide will walk you through the various features of each, including size, battery life and level of customizability.

Cig-A-Likes And Pod Mods

E-cigarettes, cig-a-likes and pod mods are perfect for those switching to a vaping device for the first time. Each pod mod or e-cigarette starter kit typically includes the vaping device, a battery and a charger. The appeal of these types of devices is their affordability and overall simplicity.

Cig-A-Likes (Minis And E-Cigarettes)

Cig-a-likes look and feel like actual tobacco cigarettes. These more basic devices consist of a battery and a cartomizer. Some cig-a-like vape starter kits may also come with a few e-liquid cartridges or pods. Cig-a-likes usually come in two forms: disposable and refillable.

Vaper Level: Beginner to intermediate.

Size: Extremely small and compact.

Battery: Notoriously short battery life; will typically need to recharge after a few hours of use. Some cig-a-likes utilize a manual battery that has to be pressed while some use a suction-activated switch.

Customization: While cig-a-likes provide the desired experience and the most natural transition from regular cigarettes, the customization level is low.

POD Mods

POD mods or POD systems are a cross between a vape pen and box mod, which we'll explore in more depth below. The appealing feature to POD mods is that you simply place a pre-filled or refillable pod into your device and you’re ready to vape. POD mods are equipped with cartridges that contain the coil, wick and e-liquid. A powerful and affordable system, a POD mod is an ultra-portable device that is extremely easy to use.

Vaper Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Size: POD mods are ultra-portable and compact, easily fitting in a pocket or purse. Many vapers use POD mods as a secondary, more portable device.

Battery: The battery life of a POD mod is not long, and the device will need to be charged after two to three hours of use.

Customization: Little to no customization.

Vape Pens

A vape pen is a pen-style vaporizer and another great option for those switching from tobacco cigarettes. The main components that make up a vape pen are a battery and an atomizer. The atomizer contains a coil that heats up the e-liquid to create the vapor. Each vape pen starter kit comes with a vape pen, a battery and a charger.

Vaper Level: Beginner to intermediate.

Size: Pen style devices are slightly larger than cig-a-like devices. Vape pens with a small tank require frequent refills if you’re a regular user. Mini vape pens have extremely tiny capacities and are designed for “quick hits” on the go.

Battery: Vape pens have thicker batteries than some cig-a-likes, and their batteries can usually last about three hours.

Customization: Some vape pens allow the user to actually adjust the voltage and/or wattage, but typically vape pens have very few settings.


Box and mechanical mods have become popular due to their high level of customization. Advanced users are now actually able to maximize vapor production while prolonging the battery and e-liquid life. The best vape mod starter kit should include your box or mechanical mod, a tank, a charger and a battery, although the battery is sometimes sold separately.

Box Mods

Box mods are bigger than cig-a-likes and vape pens and may attract more attention when in use. The box is the main power source of the device and the tank holds and vaporizes the e-liquid. A box mod starter kit should include the device, a tank, a battery and a charger. But typically, box mod starter kits encourage users to both add and subtract parts, resulting in a truly customizable device.

Vaper Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Size: Box mods are larger and bulkier when compared to other vape mods.

Battery: The larger size of the vape mod means anywhere from one to four batteries can fit. This results in longer usage between charges and the potential for greater wattages.

Customization: Most box mods can reach anywhere from 10 to 300 watts, depending on the device. These vape mods were designed to allow the user a high level of customization.

Mechanical Mods

While mechanical mods are relatively simple devices, they actually provide the most powerful and customizable vaping experience a user can buy. Mechanical mods are typically comprised of three core parts: the housing, the battery and the atomizer.

Vaper Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Size: Mechanical mods come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Battery: Mechanical mods are not your typical “charge-and-go” device. These vape mods have building coils that need to be installed by the user. Keep in mind that these devices don’t have regulated circuit boards, so safety precautions should be taken prior to using a mechanical mod.

Customization: These devices are the best a vaper can buy in terms of customization. Powerful mechanical mods allow users to rebuild and maintain the coils. Mechanical mods allow for a completely custom experience that lets the user push the limits of their vape mod.

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