Simply the best...

Simply the best...

Simply E-Juice has now become a part of the Global Vapors line-up! Simply E-Juice was established in 2013 when their founder, Steve Manley, began to mix juices in a DIY fashion. Consequently, shops started tasting this juice and it immediately attracted a high demand. Indeed, all of Simply's juices are not only delicious but they are also clean with high quality and furthermore, they are max VG. Their focus is on creating juice packed full of flavor but not overdone, thus creating the name Simply E-Juice. They are based out of Columbus, Ohio and they operate their business with their close-knit family and friends.

To start with, their newest flavor Mysterious Medley, which contains a bit of mystery hence its name. Mysterious Medley is a fully loaded berry taffy, but that's not all, it also has an unnamed flavor profile. This juice will have your taste buds begging for more and all the while, you'll be guessing what could possibly be in this juice to make it taste so good. Will you be able to nail that mystery flavor? Try it today, and see if you can pinpoint what flavor makes this juice dance in your mouth.

Next, we have their Tenacious Toast E-Juice. Tenacious Toast by Simply has everything a french toast lover desires. Not only does this juice deliver the breaded toast made with cream but also it's smothered in maple syrup as well, and sprinkled with cinnamon. In all honesty, if you love vaping pastry juices and you haven't tried Tenacious Toast yet, you are missing out in the worst way.

Also, in stock, is Copious Crunch. Copious Crunch by Simply E-Juice is not just a cereal flavor, but it's one of the best cereal flavors period. Copious Crunch is so good it's likely to be your number one choice. Simply's take on this popular fruit breakfast cereal is divine moreover, Simply has made a juice that defies boredom. To tell the truth, it keeps you coming back for more. By the way, Copious Crunch not only delivers your favorite fruity cereal but it smothers it in milk. Speaking of milk, Copious Crunch is very well balanced. Over-saturation of one flavor doesn't happen with this juice.

Lastly, a strawberry lemonade that will make your mouth water, Luscious Lemonade by Simply E-Juice, blends freshly squeezed lemons with ripened strawberries. As was previously stated, this mouth-watering lemonade provides all the flavor you'll need to kick back and just enjoy your vape.